31 May 2009

productive (?) day

I'm going to a sort of housewarming tonight so I made these coasters today as a gift for Suzan.  There is mounting guilt that this is the first thing I've made for her after having the sewing machine for almost 5 months and hopefully this small but heartfelt gift will assuage some of that.  I'm really into these 30's reproduction fabrics at the moment so I thought they would be great.  I'm still learning and I'm pretty slow and as a result, these took SO much longer than I expected.  I just keep telling myself that everything is a learning experience and that ripping stitches out is character building. . .   

I also made a little coaster for Scott.  He's been resting his drinks on an old piece of copy paper and that was making me crazy.  So I took some scraps from my quilting class and stitched one together for him too.  

It's a bit small for a proper coaster.  He says just about the right size for a Red Bull.  Or one of those five hour energy drinks.  

24 May 2009

fruity kind of love

I'm finally taking the plunge and bringing the ice cream maker Scott bought me for Christmas out on her maiden voyage.  Back in December I was so excited about my new (to me) super fantastic orange KitchenAid mixer that I was sure I needed ALL the attachments.  The boy was super sweet and bought me the ice cream maker and a shredder/slicer.  Unfortunately, this is the first one to see the light of day.  I'm ashamed.

In any case, we've been invited to a barbeque tomorrow so I'm taking the dill potato salad from A Homemade Life by Molly Wizenberg and for dessert, grilled lemon pound cake with strawberry ice cream.  When I went to the store today to shop for ingredients, I saw this little lovely. Or huge lovely as the case may be.  This one is nearly as big as my palm.  How could I not buy it???

Hope all three of you readers have a lovely Memorial Day!
xoxoxo, p

18 May 2009

flying geese

I've been taking quilting classes for a few weeks now.  (Thanks Suzan!) It's an interesting process because the teacher is old and stodgy and very, very traditional.  She hates all of my tools.  She doesn't like the pictures of sample quilts I brought into class.  She very begrudgingly said last week that my quilt block was perfect.  I feel like I'm 14 years old with my partially shaved head going to see my grandparents for the first time. . .   

Anyhow, the few of you who will actually read this post know that I'm not usually a very traditional person, so for me this class is all about learning techniques but I'm guessing I probably won't be making these types of quilts.  This was my homework over the weekend - two flying geese squares.
Log Cabin has nothing to worry about.  She's still my BFF.  In fact, I dislike flying geese so much that Log Cabin and I will probably start making up rumours about who Flying Geese was walking to third period with holding hands.  

14 May 2009

first post

Hello baby blog.  I'm Phoebe.  I'm a knitter and a quilter (soon!) and a girlfriend and a dog mom and a cute and funny girl, if I do say so myself.  Here are some things I'm working on now.  
Log Cabins are my new BFF.