05 April 2010

Finished project #7

After falling in love with my first fused glass class, I quickly signed up for another. Unlike the crazy quilt class, this one had no theme. We had to walk in with an idea in our pretty little heads. One of our classmates came in with A VISION. She knew exactly what she wanted to do and how she wanted it to look. Suzan, Karin & I were winging it. While walking around the shop, I spotted this gorgeous stained glass window panel that was a massive peacock.

For some reason I've been on this peacock kick lately and a quick look around tells me the rest of the world may be too. Peacock things seem to be all over - on the covers of quilting magazines, at Target in the Liberty of London collections - just everywhere. Maybe it's always that way and I'm just noticing it??

I'm thrilled with the way this little plate turned out (even if I can't get a good picture of it in my dark dark house). As always, you learn as you go along. I might not make the background of the plate translucent glass next time. I think you lose some of the colours on the eye of the feather. The largest part of the eye was this gorgeous orange which you can see only if you hold the plate up to the light. But the center of the feather? That was a little bit of luck. It was a black glass that was ever so slightly metallic on one side. In firing, the metallic bit seems to have separated from the rest of the glass and in doing so achieved this wonderful crackly finish. I love it. Happy times.

Maybe I should use all of this new found knowledge back to the shop and take more classes. . . .

04 April 2010

Beautiful blue

I've been in love with glass since I was a little girl. I still have a tiny glass jar filled with water and solid coloured glass marbles that I remember putting together when I was about 8. (Don't ask why the addition of water. I suppose it magnified the look of the marbles but I don't remember for sure.) It's one of my very important things that I've had forever and has moved back and forth across the country. It makes me happy.

I found these FANTASTIC jars hiding in the barn at Scott's parents last week. Most of them are Ball jars but there are a few oddballs mixed in. One is marked "White House Apple Butter". One of them had the little wire canning stand with it but I forgot to reassemble after I washed them. Oh well. In any case, I thought these would look gorgeous at the wedding with some sweet wildflowers or hydrangea. What do you think?? (And super thanks to Mom Harrell for letting me borrow them. I'll take good care. Promise!!)


03 April 2010


Spring has arrived in Charleston. Things are blooming all over the place - which is not so nice for the boy in my life. He's stopped up and sneezy. Pollen is not his friend. . . But oh my is this a glorious place to be right now. These little lovelies are in my backyard and the tree below belongs to our next door neighbours.
Hope you're all having a lovely spring and happy happy Easter weekend!!

02 April 2010

Hello Engrish.

I'm not sure how offensive the term Engrish is, so if I've offended anyone - sorry. If you're not familiar with that term, please click on the linked word above. Anyway, we were making my SUPER DELICIOUS slow cooker pork loin at Scott's parents last week and I couldn't pass up taking a picture of this. I get the play on words, but it was too funny not to share.
I'm working on several things right now - HELLO WEDDING! - so it seems like every spare minute has been full. I've completed the back of the sweater I'm knitting and am working on the front. I'm also starting to knit a baby blanket for a twin (Suzan is knitting the other). And I'm slowly getting through a quilt. And planning the wedding. It's so much - and so much fun. More details soon.