04 April 2011

I've moved!!

Come visit me here!

It was time to let this blog go since I think we're fairly certain that we're never going to do anything with Nomenclature Studios.  As much as I liked it when we chose it, it was a clunky name and I had to end up spelling Nomenclature a lot - which makes me have to stop and think every time I do it.  And this blog has ended up being more about my craftiness than business anyway.

Scott and I have a few new ideas in our noodles so we're going to see where those take us.  Fingers crossed!!  In the meantime, the new blog is missing a header (which my in-house graphics boy is working on as I type) but otherwise everything else has moved over.  History and puppy pics and all.  Hope to see you there!!

03 April 2011

Happy happy!

Today was a first birthday party for a very special little girl. Yesterday in my early morning, half asleep, trying-not-to-move-so-I-don't-alert-Olive-and-maybe-I-can-lay-here-for-a-few-more-minutes, planning my day state, I thought of a brilliant plan to make this sweet girl a little birthday banner. It's a bit hard to see some of the letters in the picture but I was pleased with the way that it turned out. And another mother at the party was shocked that I had made it all myself. (Really???) Anyway, nice to think of something and get it done all in one day. But it was a long one. That little baby took longer than I thought. And at the end when I thought I was just about done, I hit a few snags that just made the process longer. Oh well. I'm happy with the result.

But it was long day for all of us. Here's another shot of Olive in her "sleeping bag" (pillowcase). Sorry for the quality of the picture but all I had handy was my iPad.

02 April 2011


I'm feeling super productive. I got up early this morning. (A special thanks to the Cooper River Bridge Run for setting up less than a mile from our house and having booming bass music playing at 7.45. GRRRRRRR.) But it made me drag my sorry self out of bed earlier than I wanted. I had breakfast, cleaned out my bulging email inbox, swept the house and did this -

It's a scarf I've been working on for my friend Diane. She's coming to town tomorrow so I'm glad to have it off the needles and on my blocking boards.

I have more on my creative plate (and my running errands plate) so I'm going to wish you all a happy Saturday and get back to it!