27 January 2010

Cocktail, anyone? Finish #2

I went to my wonderful local (kinda) quilting shop a few weeks ago with Suzan and Karin. Going to this shop is always sort of an event for me because it is a bit far away. Not too far, mind, but far enough so that you can't just drop in while you're out running other errands. You actually have to plan to go there. And I have to make sure that I can afford a visit too. That's not the fault of the shop. It's the fault of the girl who has a hard time saying no. And to make matters worse, there is the most wonderful yarn shop for miles around right across the street. I won't mention any shop names but there is one yarn shop here in Charleston (and for the record, I think that there is only ONE yarn shop in Charleston proper) and the women that run it are nasty. Not friendly at all - I've actually heard them laugh at customers asking for advice - so I made up my mind that they would get no more of my hard earned dollars. (Incidentally, I've noticed that the size of their shop has been recently reduced by about a third. HA!) I thought that the X-ing off of this shop meant that I was relegated to shopping online. Goodness knows that I don't have a problem with that, but with yarn, I think you want to touch and feel it first, right?? Finding this sweet little shop in Summerville was a blessing (and a curse to my bank account).

Anyway, in our attempts to lure Karin eastward to Charleston, we decided that maybe showing her the local fabric/yarn shops would be a check in the Pro column of her list. A few steps in the door and we spotted this sweet little charm pack from Heather Bailey. Suzan fell in love immediately and picked them up. I think they make great little cocktail napkins. This set is for the beach house. I've got another charm pack ready to go in more appropriate colours and prints for the mountain house. And these were such a hit, I may actually open up my dusty old etsy shop and sell some. . . Ros? Are you out there? Interested?

24 January 2010

2010 finished project #1

I finally finished my bunny quilt this week. It was put on hold so that I could get mom's quilt ready before Christmas. I LOVE it. It turned out exactly the way I imagined it in my head and I couldn't be happier. It even puckered in the wash the right amount. (I sent pictures to my quilting teacher and she said that it was a quilt made by "an experienced and proper quilter". HA!! Success!)
Here's the front of it all finished. Thanks to Diane (love you Di!) and her shoes for modeling the quilt for me. And the back -
I have plans for at least four more quilts this year. And that doesn't even count all of the other projects I want to do. I've got two projects on the knitting needles now - a pair of long fingerless gloves and a curtain for my kitchen. Oh - and two blankets that are my longstanding works in progress. On top of all that my evil best oldest friend Karin was just in town and now I've been bitten by the crochet bug and I'm pining for a granny square blanket, but a cool one. Like this. (Should I be worried that when I searched for this pattern that it is described as a "journey for the crocheter"?? Will I never learn?)

11 January 2010


I had to share this because it's making me all kinds of happy today. It arrived in the post and because I'd been waiting a few weeks for it, I hurry-scurried around to get it up on the wall. It is fantastic. Even better than I'd hoped. I've ordered several things from this shop on etsy - some for me and a few for gifts this year for Christmas. But I've been longing for this one for myself for a while. It reminds me of those big fat paper lanterns hanging high at a summer garden party. Ah, for warmer weather and a breeze to make those lanterns dance.

07 January 2010

New year, new stuff

My mother once came to my apartment, took a look around and declared me "the stuff queen". I do like things. Little bits and bobs. Always have. I've tried to pare down my huge collections of stuff after several interstate moves, but somehow, I start collecting it all again as soon as I get resettled. Becoming a knitting/sewing junkie hasn't helped yet. I try not to buy to feed the stashes, but it just happens. There's so much great yarn/fabric out there. I tapped into a bit of the fabric stash that didn't have a designation this weekend to make new collars for the kids because it was time to pack their Christmas ones away (I know, I know. . .). I think they look pretty good. They coordinate but don't match. Friends, not twins. I'm pleased.

And here are two more things that I've added to my stack lately. First the slippers -
These are by Smartwool, which makes THE BEST SOCKS EVER!! I saw them and had to have them even though the cheap side of me had a twinge at spending so much money on a pair of shoes I'd never wear out of the house (even though I could since they have hard bottoms, but I don't want to look like I escaped from a mental facility, right Diane?) Anyway, they're called Pigs In A Blanket and I promise that my piggies are roasty toasty when I'm wearing these lovelies.

Next, I'm a girl that loves some sparkly. In my opinion, there is no ill that a little sparkle can't cure. So when I saw this fab eyeshadow from Chanel, I had to bring it home. It's called Silvery Moon. LOVE IT!

And this has nothin' to do with nothin', but I saw it in a gas station on our Christmas trip home to North Carolina and it made me laugh.
It would only have been better if that sweet 'stache had been fuzzy a la Pat the Bunny.
Happy days!

02 January 2010

And she's back

Two weeks is entirely too long to spend away from the blog but I was working on all sorts of top secret Christmas goodness so there wasn't much to talk about. First, THE QUILT.

I spent so long working on, fretting over, sweating over this quilt. Would I finish it? Would it fall to pieces in the washer? Would my darling mother love it as much as I hoped she would? The answers are yes (but barely), no (because it started to happen before the quilt and the washer had been introduced) and I think so (she'd better. . .). I saw this quilt in a book back in the spring and knew that it was the one I had to make for my mom. What I didn't notice was that it was a pattern for advanced quilters. The only thing I can think that took it to the level was the appliqued flowers. Which were miserable. Which caused me to sew through my fingernail. Which made me cry for an entire day. But it's over and I'm very pleased with the end result. And as Hova would say, I'm on to the next one. . .
The Jay McCarroll quilt is on its journey now. Glad to be doing something that will stay here in my house so I can admire my handiwork daily. And I've got LOADS of projects running through my brain. Oh for another two days in my week. . .

This tied with the quilt for best-gift-I-gave-this-year -
There was a seller on etsy that I had been watching for a while. He had the loveliest picture of a Dachshund that I coveted. About two months before Christmas, I was bored and surfing the interwebs and thought I'd stop by and see if he had anything new in his shop. Lo and behold, he was offering custom dog portraits. I thought this would be a perfect gift for the boy. And I'm not going to lie. It didn't hurt that it would live here with me too. The listing was for a pencil drawing of your baby in costume, but it was only for one baby (and obviously that wouldn't work for me) so the negotiations began. Poor man had no idea what he was getting himself into. We finally settled upon this. I'm thrilled with it. And so were my friends and family. So much so that he's had three other jobs come his way because of me and I've heard rumblings about a few more. If you're so inclined - and please be inclined - here's a link to his etsy shop. He's out of town for a bit but please check back. You'll be glad you did. And mention that you found him through me. He's promised me a job as his etsy agent and I'm trying to convince him that I deserve commissions. . .

And then there was the New Year. Being a good southern girl, here's what the boy and I had for dinner last night -
Hoppin' John (these are only the peas) for luck,
Collards (fresh from Scott's parents' garden) for money,
And peppery cheddary cornbread for spice! Fine. I made that last one up. But who couldn't use more luck, money and spice in their lives?

If I post them here, I'm more likely to follow them, right? My New Year's resolutions, in no particular order -
1. Lose 5 pounds.
2. Go to the gym without scowling about it (will help with resolution #1).
3. Cook at home more (will also help with resolution #1).
4. Try a new recipe at least once a week. (I took care of that one twice last night. Lee Brothers, I love you!)
5. Make three more quilts.
6. Learn how to knit a sweater.
7. Learn how to knit a pair of socks.
8. Stop procrastinating over the unpleasant things.
9. Start Christmas crafty projects for 2010 early. Like now.
10. Be generally more fabulous.

Happy 2010 to all of you. I hope you have a year filled with joy, love, luck, money and spice.