04 April 2011

I've moved!!

Come visit me here!

It was time to let this blog go since I think we're fairly certain that we're never going to do anything with Nomenclature Studios.  As much as I liked it when we chose it, it was a clunky name and I had to end up spelling Nomenclature a lot - which makes me have to stop and think every time I do it.  And this blog has ended up being more about my craftiness than business anyway.

Scott and I have a few new ideas in our noodles so we're going to see where those take us.  Fingers crossed!!  In the meantime, the new blog is missing a header (which my in-house graphics boy is working on as I type) but otherwise everything else has moved over.  History and puppy pics and all.  Hope to see you there!!

03 April 2011

Happy happy!

Today was a first birthday party for a very special little girl. Yesterday in my early morning, half asleep, trying-not-to-move-so-I-don't-alert-Olive-and-maybe-I-can-lay-here-for-a-few-more-minutes, planning my day state, I thought of a brilliant plan to make this sweet girl a little birthday banner. It's a bit hard to see some of the letters in the picture but I was pleased with the way that it turned out. And another mother at the party was shocked that I had made it all myself. (Really???) Anyway, nice to think of something and get it done all in one day. But it was a long one. That little baby took longer than I thought. And at the end when I thought I was just about done, I hit a few snags that just made the process longer. Oh well. I'm happy with the result.

But it was long day for all of us. Here's another shot of Olive in her "sleeping bag" (pillowcase). Sorry for the quality of the picture but all I had handy was my iPad.

02 April 2011


I'm feeling super productive. I got up early this morning. (A special thanks to the Cooper River Bridge Run for setting up less than a mile from our house and having booming bass music playing at 7.45. GRRRRRRR.) But it made me drag my sorry self out of bed earlier than I wanted. I had breakfast, cleaned out my bulging email inbox, swept the house and did this -

It's a scarf I've been working on for my friend Diane. She's coming to town tomorrow so I'm glad to have it off the needles and on my blocking boards.

I have more on my creative plate (and my running errands plate) so I'm going to wish you all a happy Saturday and get back to it!

30 March 2011

PUPPIES!!! and more finished stuff

First, I'd like to introduce you to my two new sisters-in-law, Bayley (left) and Bessie (right). Scott's parents lost their dog Fred Thanksgiving weekend. It was really hard on everyone and Dad swore that he'd never have another dog because he couldn't take the pain of losing one. That lasted all of two weeks. By Christmas, he was already in major new puppy agitation mode. We tried hard to convince them that they needed to get two puppies but they resisted. They found these little cuties online from a breeder in Texas. Dad printed pictures out and dragged them around and emailed them to poll his friends and family on which one they should choose and they decided on Bayley. They'd had her for just a few days when they decided they needed Bessie too. (Don't make me say I told you so. . .) They are as sweet as they can be. Crazy hyper puppies but super sweet. Oh. And those puppy bellies. . . Sigh. I miss those fat puppy belly days. And our kids got along just fine with them. I called Roscoe "Officer Harrell" all weekend because he would bark and nudge when he needed to put someone back in line.

And I finished these last week -
(Scott vetoed any of the pictures I took of the front or side of the hat being online so you'll have to make do with the back. Which is fine because it's the best part of the hat, but the cutest part of the boy is hidden. . . )
I'm working on a sort-of-secret project but I can share it here because I don't think any of my fellow travelers read the blog. Remember I said we were going to South Africa in July? Even though it'll be steamy here, it'll be winter there. We came up with a brilliant plan to knit hats for all eight of the travelers. Here are the first two. I love them. Pattern for my hat here and Scott's hat here. My problem is that I want to keep them all. Selfish selfish. But hats crank out so easily that I could give them away and knit another for me quickly. And then I have to remind myself that I don't really wear hats. . .

22 March 2011


Yep. I was one of those nerds who waited in line ten days ago when the new iPad2 was released. I bought Scott one last summer as an engagement gift (because I was an excellent fiancee) but didn't really get why it would be lots of fun. He'd had it for months and I still didn't quite get it. When we went to Florida in December, I decided to play with it a bit and was immediately in love. (Do you realize I can keep up with my blogs lying in bed, people? WOOHOO!!) So I asked for one for Christmas but knew I wanted to wait until the new ones were released. So I waited. And I love it.

There are two problems though -
1. I stay up WAY too late looking at that thing. (By the way - she's called Ginger because she has an orange magnetic cover.)
2. I've found so many new blogs to follow in the last week and a half. Which means I'll be going to sleep even later. Sigh.

One of the blogs I found is Lily's Quilts. She's doing a dresden plate quilt-a-long. I've always loved dresden plates but thought they looked really complicated. Turns out they're easy peasy mac-n-cheesy. As soon as I saw the technique for making them, I knew I had to have one pronto. I found the blog on Tuesday and cut fabric and pieced the top on Thursday. I decided to make the pointier blades on the plate rather than her nice rounded one and I also decided just to make one small panel as a wall hanging for one of our bathrooms. (So in the picture, that's not the world's largest dresden plate block, it's a mini adirondack chair.) I've got too many other projects going to commit to a whole quilt of them right now although I'm so amazed at how easily it came together that I can see more in my future. I love how it turned out. I had a charm pack of Love by Amy Butler and used almost the whole thing. Started on Thursday, finished the binding on Saturday morning. How's that for instant gratification???

Also, with the mug rug madness going on, I have to show you the little one I made for Scott for Valentine's Day. When I started sewing two years ago, I made him a little coaster for his desk. And when I say little, I mean little. It made sense for a can of soda maybe but we use those big hulking Starbucks city mugs and you couldn't even see the little coaster when he put his coffee down. So this was a silly little Valentine's add on gift. Made with Ruby Star Rising. Binding is one of the Amy Butler Midwest Moderns. Tag on the back is a design Scott made for me and I had printed by Spoonflower. Love it!!


08 March 2011

Tearin' it up, people! - February finish #1

Ok. Ignore the fact that this was one I was supposed to finish in February. I actually had it all done in the proper month except hand stitching the binding. I LOVE the front of this quilt. Wish I could be as enthusiastic about the back. I had some major fabric shifting going on. In fact, it upset me so much that it was the main reason I let this sit for a week before I finished the binding. But it's not so bad, and little things like that just let the handmade show through, right???

But you know what I'm happiest about? Spring is happening!!
Truly happy.

And I have my knitting group tonight and a quilting group on Thursday so I'm not sure if I'll be back at my machine until the weekend but maybe I can be back on track with all of this year's projects? Maybe??


07 March 2011

As promised - March finish #2

I know you probably think I'm stretching it a bit to call one block a completed project. This one was pretty easy (apart from me not measuring correctly once or twice) but these have been significantly more challenging than I was expecting. Don't get me wrong. I'm happy so far with the results, but they've taken some problem solving skills I'm a bit rusty on. So I'd like to present the March block of the month. You saw the January star. Hopefully you'll be seeing February in the next few days. And I'm sewing the binding on the pinwheel quilt so I'm very nearly done with that one too. HOORAH!!! Particularly since I know of five more babies due this year and my brain has already promised each one of them a quilt.

And, hello? Please notice that I've finished my two required March projects in the first week. Woot. Now to go back and finish the three (one January and two February) things that are sitting. . .


06 March 2011

Productive weekend - March finish #1

Here's one thing (two things?) I completed yesterday. You'll have to wait until tomorrow to see the other - and maybe more. (The light today is no good for pictures.) I'm feeling super productive and have so many things I want to do swirling around in my head so instead of spending lots of time typing and retyping here, I'm going to go do them. Another post tomorrow. Promise.

03 March 2011


Oh my. Click here for a link to a wedding blog post about us. Our most wonderful photographer said that she wanted to get our wedding onto a blog. I never imagined it would actually happen but lo and behold, it is finally time for my 15 minutes of fame. . .


22 February 2011


I might even be able to cross this one off before the end of the month. . .

20 February 2011

Working. . .

on this -
I've had this really simple pinwheel quilt in my head for a while now that will be a gift for a baby girl on the way. Doesn't exactly match the things that her mom has picked for the nursery but who wants too matchy-matchy, right? And she'll need quilts for the car or stroller or other things too. Anyway, this thing has burning a hole in my brain (maybe because it's so easy I feel like I can knock it out quickly and move on to the other things that are also burning holes) so I started on it Friday night. My plan was to work on it all day yesterday but my day was sort of happily hi-jacked so today's the day. Or would be if the boy weren't dragging me off to the gym. . .

And what is churning around in my noggin while I'm piecing this little baby together? Plans, my friends. Big plans. I'm working on scheduling a trip for nine - which very happily includes me and the boy - to South Africa in July. I'm HUGELY excited, particularly since airline tickets have been booked and I'm working with the sweetest girl in Cape Town on our itinerary. So excited. Lots more to come, I'm sure.


02 February 2011

Self imposed

Self imposed sounds like a punishment to me - a deadline, a workout, a diet, a budget. All things that aren't much fun. I think this project may change that. Stephanie over at Yarn Harlot sparked this idea. She had a sock-of-the-month club of one last year where she matched up yarn from her stash (presumably) with sock patterns that she wanted to knit - one for each month. She didn't have buddies with whom she was doing a swap, no deadlines to get them done, no kits to pick up and purchase only to find out you're not in love with the end result. I liked that. I see block of the month clubs for quilting but either I don't care for the pattern or the fabric. And if I'm buying a kit, it seems pretty silly not to use the included fabric, so. . .

I bought a fat quarter of every fabric in this Anna Maria Horner collection (LOVE HER!!) but had no idea where it would end up. It was just so beautiful that I had to have it. I was perusing a new quilt book for ideas for my mother-in-law and I happened upon this block-of-the-month quilt. The quilt in the book was very traditional in red, white and blue but I started to see it with all of my lovely new fabric. So each month I get to pull it all out and make a block. It's a bit of a challenge because the book has very little in the way of instruction and suggests hand stitching everything. Which will never happen. (It is my belief that God gave us sewing machines because he loves us and wants us to finish projects. . .) So this is my January block - which I actually finished in January. It was fun like a puzzle. I had to sit and think about how everything was going to come together. How exciting when it worked and I got what I think is a great result. February's block is going to be a bit more challenging. I've been studying it since the weekend and can't see yet how it will all work but it will. Somehow.

Also, I finished this last week. It's a hand towel knit out of the most wonderful hemp yarn. Once this baby has been washed it turns butter soft. Holy moly. I wish I could live in it. Simple pattern adapted from Mason-Dixon Knitting. Love love love it. A woman in my quilt guild saw it and couldn't believe that I was going to use such a nice thing to dry my face. What a shame that she doesn't value herself more. Every girl needs lovely things like this to pamper herself, right??
Not doing as well with some of my other resolutions but I still keep plugging away. Hope springs eternal.


08 January 2011

Two things I'm loving right now

(Yes. I'm fully aware that I used this picture already. But I love it. And I love that boy. But they aren't the "two things I'm loving".)
We made butterbeer tonight. Here's the link for any of you adventurous souls that want to give it a go. Delicious. Not for anyone counting calories or watching their diet. But pretty stinkin' yum. I'd say that the amount of brown sugar syrup would really make 8 (or more) drinks. It was pretty sweet and I didn't even use the amount the recipe suggests. I'm feeling like I ate too much at the candy store now, but I enjoyed it while it was happening. And sadly, I'm using that as my one new recipe for the week.

The other thing I'm super duper loving are these new boots.
I usually buy myself a Christmas present. I guess these count. Scott told me a few days before Christmas that he needed another present idea. I'd given him a list but he needed one big present. I searched my "things I want" archives but had a hard time coming up with anything. Until I remember Camper shoes. I love Campers. I discovered them when I lived in San Francisco and at the time, they were the most expensive pair of shoes I'd ever bought. (They're still pretty near the top.) Anyway, I ran to my computer and pulled up the site. Oh, I'd forgotten how much I love them. They're clunky, a little ugly, very European looking. In short, everything I love in a pair of shoes. So I picked out a few pairs, sent the boy links and said that the surprise would be which ones he chose. The ones he picked were absolutely the right ones. I know I'll get more wear out of them than these. They're a blueish-black ankle boot with these odd laces that weave back and forth across the top of the shoe. I love them. Adore them. But I couldn't get these out of my head. So, spoiled little thing that I am, I bought them for myself and they arrived yesterday. LOVE LOVE LOVE. I wore them out for lunch and errands today and they felt like a long loved pair that you've had for years. So comfortable. And they make me so happy. So happy I had to share the happiness with all seven of you.


05 January 2011

Final finish 2010

At long last, here are pictures of the finished quilt that was a Christmas gift for my friend/boss/east coast mom Suzan. The pattern and fabric are by Tula Pink. I bought the fabric months ago knowing that I wanted to make Suzan a quilt but with not much idea about what it would become. I went to the quilt shop with Scott to pick up some additional fabric to make a completely different quilt but he saw this pattern and liked it better. I wasn't so sure at the time (and I'm still not) but I think it turned out to be a very nice quilt. And one of the many great things about Suzan is that she's an excellent handmade gift recipient. She truly appreciates the time and energy and love that goes into something like this. Or knitted things. Or cross stitched things. Or embroidered things. And I've given all of these to her. There is nothing worse than spending days and weeks cobbling something together with your heart and hands only to be met with a lukewarm reception upon giving. That immediately takes someone off of the "make" list for me.
(Yep. That's me. It was super windy.)
And one of the nicest parts was crunching through the snow with the best looking photographer I'll ever lay eyes upon to take these pictures to share. Love.

So here's how I did on my resolutions for 2010 -
If I post them here, I'm more likely to follow them, right? My New Year's resolutions, in no particular order -
1. Lose 5 pounds. Check. But I gained it all back over the holidays.
2. Go to the gym without scowling about it (will help with resolution #1). I think I did better about this one and will try to keep it up for the new year.
3. Cook at home more (will also help with resolution #1). Not so good. I'm going to blame it on all of the wedding preparations.
4. Try a new recipe at least once a week. Yep. You guessed it. Not so great with that one either. Keep it on the list.
5. Make three more quilts. CHECK!! I made 4, I think. Let's go for 5 in 2011.
6. Learn how to knit a sweater. Started. Still working on it.
7. Learn how to knit a pair of socks. Not a chance. Not looking good for this year either. . .
8. Stop procrastinating over the unpleasant things. Making strides. Still not perfect.
9. Start Christmas crafty projects for 2010 early. Like now. Completely failed with this one, as was evidenced by the fact that I finished a big Christmas present on 12/27. Oops.
10. Be generally more fabulous. Could I be any more fab??? Not likely.
Plus a secret one that I didn't post here was that I wanted to end the year as a wife. I had something to do with that but it was really all up to the boy. And I think he made the right decision.
So my new year's resolutions this year are kind of a repeat from last year. Cook at home, try new recipes, be healthier. Plus I want to plunk more money into our savings, clean up my occasional potty mouth (sorry Mom) and a big one is to start AND COMPLETE two sewing projects a month. Keep your fingers crossed for me. . .