11 June 2009

The blanket

I'm about an hour away from finishing this baby blanket for a friend which means that by the time I put my head on my pillow tonight, the knitting will be done!  Then I have to start weaving in all those ends. . . It's a beautiful little blanket but I'm going to be relieved to be done with it.  I start to get itchy near the end of a project and am always ready to start something new - like a pillowcase/sleeping bag for Her Tiny Highness, Miss Olive.  Or my very first quilt.  Anyway, I'll post more once the blanket is complete.  

1 comment:

  1. Nice job Phoebe. If I do say so myself you are quite the accomplished student. Mastering yarn, cloth and thread. I am so proud that you have taken the time to do such a good job. It takes patience and I can truly say that you have what it takes. I love you so much, Mom