12 November 2009


Our big boy is two years old today. I can't believe it. It seems like we just brought him home last week. It's hard to imagine what our lives would be like without him. He's my heart. He's turned out to be such a surprise - not the puppy we thought we wanted, not what we thought we were getting, but something much better than that. The perfect puppy for us. He fits us. He's sweet. He's a snuggler. He loves to give kisses. He melts our hearts with his big brown eyes and floppy ears and when he rubs his face with his paws. Simply put - we love him. Happy birthday Roscoe.

Here are a few of the things I'm working on now. Obviously - at least I think obviously - the blue item on the left is a beaded scarf. So easy to do once I figured out how to cast on with beads. As usual, I got very frustrated when getting started. Why do the pattern books assume that readers know how to do these things?? Why don't they instead assume that, for some of us, this will be our first beaded project? Go ahead and give me instructions on how to do it. If I know how to do it already, I can just skip over the beginner part. Cripes. The red block on the right (with a cable that's kinda hard to see) is the beginning of one half of a pair of fingerless gloves. It doesn't get all that cold here in South Carolina so I'd like to keep my hands warm but still be able to drive and pick things up. Gloves are usually an issue for me because I have pretty small hands. The fingers are always too long. Hopefully this will remedy that situation. Of course, in my usual knuckleheaded way, I've found a pattern that I liked but am making them smaller because I'm using really chunky yarn. Yep. I'm knitting off the grid again. How maverick-y. Why can't I learn my lesson?? We'll see how these turn out. Fortunately they're a very quick knit - again owing to the chunky yarn - so not a huge time investment if they're not good.

Plus I'm working on other Christmas presents so no posting of those here. And I have a pattern on my desk for some patchwork stockings. Oh, to have more hours in the day for making things. . .


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