20 February 2011

Working. . .

on this -
I've had this really simple pinwheel quilt in my head for a while now that will be a gift for a baby girl on the way. Doesn't exactly match the things that her mom has picked for the nursery but who wants too matchy-matchy, right? And she'll need quilts for the car or stroller or other things too. Anyway, this thing has burning a hole in my brain (maybe because it's so easy I feel like I can knock it out quickly and move on to the other things that are also burning holes) so I started on it Friday night. My plan was to work on it all day yesterday but my day was sort of happily hi-jacked so today's the day. Or would be if the boy weren't dragging me off to the gym. . .

And what is churning around in my noggin while I'm piecing this little baby together? Plans, my friends. Big plans. I'm working on scheduling a trip for nine - which very happily includes me and the boy - to South Africa in July. I'm HUGELY excited, particularly since airline tickets have been booked and I'm working with the sweetest girl in Cape Town on our itinerary. So excited. Lots more to come, I'm sure.



  1. I need to spend more time with you- maybe I would get some things done. These look so fun. Madison and I have taken an impromptu trip to Charlotte and will hit Mary Jo's tomorrow afternoon.

  2. Ah. . . Mary Jo's. I'm so jealous!!