05 July 2009

First steps

This is meant to be a horrible tease for someone. (That means you, Garden Girl. That's what you get for calling to tell me about everything you're seeing in Half Moon Bay. . .) This is how I've spent most of my day. I know it doesn't look like much, but you're looking at 197 pieces of cut fabric - the majority of the top of my first quilt. I won't be able to post much about its progress because the recipient is the most loyal reader of this here little blog and she wants a surprise. So with the exception of the boy and the puppies, the rest of the world will have to wait right along with her. :)

And more "I'm a real quilter" feelings going on in my heart. I took the advice of many quilting bloggers that I follow and actually split up each portion of the quilt into individual bags so that I can keep them all straight and they stay clean. Of course, those of you who know me would be surprised that I would do anything less given how crazy anal retentive I am about stuff. AND I actually broke down and ordered a huge, expensive ruler that will make my life with this project (and hopefully many more to come given the expense) much easier. I'm very excited. Maybe I can sneak little peeks along the way without exposing too much.

(Love you Mom. You can call to tell me about HMB anytime.)

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  1. Here I am at HMB and I feel your energy here along my side. Knowing that you and I will set foot again one day makes me happy. I am in awe of your artist ability and creativity. I love you the most in the world, you are my heart, Mom

    P.S. Thanks for the sneak peak... Angel Face Daughter, Mom