14 July 2009

Puppy love

I suppose I should start out by explaining that I wanted a puppy for a very long time. Years in fact. It was never the right time or place to get one. Then along came Scott. He'd wanted a puppy for a very long time too. We even wanted the same kind of dog. We talked about getting a puppy the way some people talk about having a baby. We'd get one, as soon as the time was right. Two Christmases ago, we went home to NC to visit Scott's family. On Christmas Eve, his mom announced that she'd seen an ad in the paper for puppies. They weren't the breed we wanted so I threw out the argument that again, it wasn't the right time. We were far from home. We'd be bringing a brand new puppy into someone else's house. There were already two dogs in his parents' house. How would they react to a new puppy and so on. While I was in the shower getting ready for our day, Scott made the call and a few hours later we were on our way to "just look" at some puppies. We arrived at the breeder and they showed us several but I knew immediately that none of these belonged to us. Then they brought out this teeny tiny little black and tan boy. A different kind of puppy than all the others. My heart stopped. I knew he was the one. The breeders had planned on keeping this little guy (all two pounds of him!) as their own but I begged and pleaded until they let him go home with us. I've never been the same. I was a ruined shell of a woman for this dog. He used to fall asleep on my lap and I would look at Scott with tears in my eyes and blubber on about how much I loved him.

We talked about getting another puppy someday, a little friend for Roscoe. I thought we'd wait a year or two. I wanted to love my little man all on his own. Get to know him. Have some bonding time. After 4 months of having Roscoe, Scott started fishing around for another dog. We looked online, trying to decide what we'd get next. I was trying to stall the whole process because having one un-housebroken little one in the house was about all I could handle, especially since I work from home and was spending a good portion of my day cleaning up messes. Then Scott found a tiny dachshund girl online with a little broken tail. How can you not fall in love with that immediately? So we made some calls and that weekend, we were a two puppy house.

I can't imagine a day without them. I can't imagine why it took me so long to take the plunge and have these two little balls of insanity in my life. I love them more than I can say. I love them like they're my kids. And because I'm so crazy nuts for them, I stitch little pictures. And yes, those are little likenesses of us on the puppies. Try not to judge. . .

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  1. Now you know how your mother feels about her darling children. smooches to my little one, Mom