04 April 2010

Beautiful blue

I've been in love with glass since I was a little girl. I still have a tiny glass jar filled with water and solid coloured glass marbles that I remember putting together when I was about 8. (Don't ask why the addition of water. I suppose it magnified the look of the marbles but I don't remember for sure.) It's one of my very important things that I've had forever and has moved back and forth across the country. It makes me happy.

I found these FANTASTIC jars hiding in the barn at Scott's parents last week. Most of them are Ball jars but there are a few oddballs mixed in. One is marked "White House Apple Butter". One of them had the little wire canning stand with it but I forgot to reassemble after I washed them. Oh well. In any case, I thought these would look gorgeous at the wedding with some sweet wildflowers or hydrangea. What do you think?? (And super thanks to Mom Harrell for letting me borrow them. I'll take good care. Promise!!)


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