10 May 2010

Project for Peony (or start #892)

In addition to everything else that my family has going on this year - our wedding, my little baby brother's graduation from high school, my mom's wedding - the longest anticipated is the arrival of the first baby. No, not from my brother who is graduating. . . My gorgeous brother Chris and his beautiful wife Kari are having a baby. Due two days before the wedding. (When I shared the good news with Scott, he said it was very selfish of them to have the baby so close to our wedding. I pointed out that the baby was in the works before he proposed so it was we who were the selfish ones. . . ) The bummer of this is that Chris & Kari won't be able to attend the wedding, but when it's all said and done we'll have a beautiful little niece!!

They were sweet enough to share the gender with us so I've been able to plot and plan but with so many other things on needles - both knitting and sewing - I felt like I shouldn't get started on anything new just yet. But the two things I've working on recently - another baby blanket and a quilt - are starting to wear on me. They'll get finished (and hopefully soon) but the itch in my brain wouldn't be relieved until this little baby was started. I made this blanket in more muted colours for another baby last year and once I realized I probably had enough yarn left over from Elliot's blanket, I had to get a something on some new needles. I love it so far. It's the best TV project ever because there is one row of a very short simple repeat and then rows of knit and purl. With so many of the TV shows I've been watching about to come to an end for the summer, I'm imagining being able to knit this one up fairly quickly.

I love you baby Peony! (Which is what I'm calling you since that's my favourite flower and the wicked new parents are claiming that they're not going to share your name until you show your pretty little face.)


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