22 May 2010

I should be in the other room sewing but. . .

. . . I'm hoping that Scott is in there working on wedding invitations. . .

I wanted to quickly get out there a few things I've been meaning to blog about all week.

1. Scott's sister gave us this crazy picture two years ago for Christmas. (I'm hoping that clicking on the image makes it larger so that everyone can enjoy. If not, here's a link.) I love it in a crazy way. I love the old 50s look of it. I love the fish in the cruise ship bar. I love everything about it. Scott tried to cut a mat for it a few months ago but it just didn't turn it quite right. It's been sitting - with the frame - on a little table in our bedroom staring at me accusingly ever since and last weekend I finally got around to framing it. I went to a local marine supply store and found a nautical map of Charleston and cut it to fit the frame and centered the print on it. I think it was the perfect thing.

2. After meeting with the wedding coordinator on Wednesday (because this thing has gotten so big that I need to be coordinated. . . .), I went back to her shop to look for paper and found this INSANELY FANTASTIC RIBBON!!! With big tears in my eyes I explained that we needed to find a way to use it in the wedding so she pulled the spool off the floor for me. No idea what we'll do yet but I know it'll be fab.

3. I've still probably got another week ahead of me on little Peony's blanket but I'm mostly pleased with how it is progressing. I'm amazed that using exactly the same colours as this blanket but in a completely different pattern has resulted in something that feels like I've used different materials altogether. I'm not sure what I was expecting but this blanket is a constant surprise to me.

4. I'm zigzag obsessed right now. I've started work on the wedding quilt but that'll have to wait for another post. Which is why I should be in the other room sewing. . .

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  1. Nice frame! I almost forgot about that crazy picture, but I really like it!