13 August 2010

In the nick of time - finish 12

I did it! I finished two quilts in less than a month!! I know that they're small quilts, but I'm surprised at how long it takes to finish one. And I've finished three so far this year! WOOT! This was the quilt I made for Camp Happy Days - my first quilt made purely for donation, for someone I'll never know. It's going to take a special kid to love this one because there is some crazy stuff going on with that fabric. I love it though. After I finished the top, I hung it up in the bedroom to look at it for a day (a present I give myself after finishing a top) and I was feeling lots of love for it and wasn't entirely sure I wanted it out of my house. . . But it's for a good cause and hopefully it'll give love and warmth to someone that needs it. PLUS I used up most of my scraps of that fabric so now I've made room for more. . .
I used a technique that I found on another blog called organic line quilting. Very easy but it took forever. I set up little guidelines to keep myself somewhat straight but the waviness of the lines was kind of the point. Thank goodness for marathon runs of Say Yes to the Dress on TLC. I've gotten sucked in, especially the new Atlanta series.

And last night at quilt guild they had the annual silent auction. I was able to pick up a 36X40 completed quilt top made out of Tula Pink's Neptune. (I tried to find a link but am having a hard time because that fabric line has been discontinued.) It was a collection I loved but haven't been able to get my hands on much of it until I happened across this happy little ziploc bag of fabric. I feel a bit like the contestants on Top Chef when they've been blindfolded and have to finish someone else's recipe but this shouldn't be too difficult. The top is nearly done so I just have to get my calculator out and piece together the clues of what this mystery woman left me and what I can do with it. More on that to come.

And finally, it almost wouldn't be a post from me without a picture of a cute puppy. Meet Mini, my very first dog niece. I adore her and wish that this little meatball could come to live with us. Not sure how Olive would feel about that though. . .

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