18 May 2009

flying geese

I've been taking quilting classes for a few weeks now.  (Thanks Suzan!) It's an interesting process because the teacher is old and stodgy and very, very traditional.  She hates all of my tools.  She doesn't like the pictures of sample quilts I brought into class.  She very begrudgingly said last week that my quilt block was perfect.  I feel like I'm 14 years old with my partially shaved head going to see my grandparents for the first time. . .   

Anyhow, the few of you who will actually read this post know that I'm not usually a very traditional person, so for me this class is all about learning techniques but I'm guessing I probably won't be making these types of quilts.  This was my homework over the weekend - two flying geese squares.
Log Cabin has nothing to worry about.  She's still my BFF.  In fact, I dislike flying geese so much that Log Cabin and I will probably start making up rumours about who Flying Geese was walking to third period with holding hands.  

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