31 May 2009

productive (?) day

I'm going to a sort of housewarming tonight so I made these coasters today as a gift for Suzan.  There is mounting guilt that this is the first thing I've made for her after having the sewing machine for almost 5 months and hopefully this small but heartfelt gift will assuage some of that.  I'm really into these 30's reproduction fabrics at the moment so I thought they would be great.  I'm still learning and I'm pretty slow and as a result, these took SO much longer than I expected.  I just keep telling myself that everything is a learning experience and that ripping stitches out is character building. . .   

I also made a little coaster for Scott.  He's been resting his drinks on an old piece of copy paper and that was making me crazy.  So I took some scraps from my quilting class and stitched one together for him too.  

It's a bit small for a proper coaster.  He says just about the right size for a Red Bull.  Or one of those five hour energy drinks.  

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