07 January 2010

New year, new stuff

My mother once came to my apartment, took a look around and declared me "the stuff queen". I do like things. Little bits and bobs. Always have. I've tried to pare down my huge collections of stuff after several interstate moves, but somehow, I start collecting it all again as soon as I get resettled. Becoming a knitting/sewing junkie hasn't helped yet. I try not to buy to feed the stashes, but it just happens. There's so much great yarn/fabric out there. I tapped into a bit of the fabric stash that didn't have a designation this weekend to make new collars for the kids because it was time to pack their Christmas ones away (I know, I know. . .). I think they look pretty good. They coordinate but don't match. Friends, not twins. I'm pleased.

And here are two more things that I've added to my stack lately. First the slippers -
These are by Smartwool, which makes THE BEST SOCKS EVER!! I saw them and had to have them even though the cheap side of me had a twinge at spending so much money on a pair of shoes I'd never wear out of the house (even though I could since they have hard bottoms, but I don't want to look like I escaped from a mental facility, right Diane?) Anyway, they're called Pigs In A Blanket and I promise that my piggies are roasty toasty when I'm wearing these lovelies.

Next, I'm a girl that loves some sparkly. In my opinion, there is no ill that a little sparkle can't cure. So when I saw this fab eyeshadow from Chanel, I had to bring it home. It's called Silvery Moon. LOVE IT!

And this has nothin' to do with nothin', but I saw it in a gas station on our Christmas trip home to North Carolina and it made me laugh.
It would only have been better if that sweet 'stache had been fuzzy a la Pat the Bunny.
Happy days!

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