27 January 2010

Cocktail, anyone? Finish #2

I went to my wonderful local (kinda) quilting shop a few weeks ago with Suzan and Karin. Going to this shop is always sort of an event for me because it is a bit far away. Not too far, mind, but far enough so that you can't just drop in while you're out running other errands. You actually have to plan to go there. And I have to make sure that I can afford a visit too. That's not the fault of the shop. It's the fault of the girl who has a hard time saying no. And to make matters worse, there is the most wonderful yarn shop for miles around right across the street. I won't mention any shop names but there is one yarn shop here in Charleston (and for the record, I think that there is only ONE yarn shop in Charleston proper) and the women that run it are nasty. Not friendly at all - I've actually heard them laugh at customers asking for advice - so I made up my mind that they would get no more of my hard earned dollars. (Incidentally, I've noticed that the size of their shop has been recently reduced by about a third. HA!) I thought that the X-ing off of this shop meant that I was relegated to shopping online. Goodness knows that I don't have a problem with that, but with yarn, I think you want to touch and feel it first, right?? Finding this sweet little shop in Summerville was a blessing (and a curse to my bank account).

Anyway, in our attempts to lure Karin eastward to Charleston, we decided that maybe showing her the local fabric/yarn shops would be a check in the Pro column of her list. A few steps in the door and we spotted this sweet little charm pack from Heather Bailey. Suzan fell in love immediately and picked them up. I think they make great little cocktail napkins. This set is for the beach house. I've got another charm pack ready to go in more appropriate colours and prints for the mountain house. And these were such a hit, I may actually open up my dusty old etsy shop and sell some. . . Ros? Are you out there? Interested?

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  1. I'm right here...interweb is alive. Love your idea. But I do think those napkins and coasters would do much better with a westcoast outlet.