03 June 2010

Finished project #8

At the beginning of the year when I started numbering my finished projects, I thought I'd be much further down the road at this point. Oh well. The blanket for my soon-to-be niece is complete and all of those ends are sewn in. It's a sweet little blanket that's a quick knit - only a few weeks of TV watching. And I'm about to embark on another one, identical in pattern but different colours and with yarn made entirely from corn. I'd do something different but I don't think my completely addled brain can handle focusing on a new pattern just now. . .

I'm still working on the wedding quilt. Pictures will follow soon. Many bumps in the road but I'm still loving it. Lots. But I need to have it done and ready to go to the quilter before we go on vacation in two weeks. Yikes.


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