30 June 2010

I heart California

I know you can't tell it from this picture* but I LOVE California. I love everything about it. I love the weather. I love the crazy people. I love my insane family. (OK. I don't love the cost of living there, but you can't have it all.)
We went out for my baby brother Will's high school graduation. It's hard to believe he's old enough to be graduating. I just held that tiny baby in my arms at the hospital and marveled at how beautiful he was. And he's turned out to be a pretty handsome man, don't you think?

We got there the day before graduation and spent a mostly relaxing week hanging out. My mom & her fiance Dan just remodeled their house so we were finally able to see the fruits of all of their hard labor. We had the best fish tacos I've ever had in my life. Wish I could import those back here. And sadly, I was very excited to go to a real mall and shop. Charleston has no decent malls and very few of the big chain stores.

The last day we were there we went to this amazing beach - Bates Beach - just north of Ventura in Carpinteria. Gorgeous, rocky, cliff-y beach. Loved it. Didn't love cleaning the tar off of my feet so much when we got home but it was well worth it. The beach is covered in these great round rocks. Will started a rock skipping competition between us but I think it was only because he knew he'd win. . .

More crafty things soon. I'm halfway through another baby blanket and I've gotten my wedding quilt back from the quilter. Just have to hand stitch the binding on and I'll be posting pics of that. And next week, addressing of the invitations begins. . .


* This picture is for one of my earliest besties, Celene. We loved taking pictures in those crazy old photo booths and came up with the serious, no smiles shots that we called "prison face". Scott doesn't normally get into the act but this time he decided to play along. LOVE YOU CELENIE WEENIE! HAPPY DAY AFTER YOUR BIRTHDAY!!


  1. I used to live in California and agree - the shopping is much better there! Isn't Carpintera where they had that horrible mud slide about 6 - 7 years ago?

  2. I think so. If it's not Carpinteria proper, it's just south of there. Very very sad. You can actually see some of the tops of houses still buried.