07 March 2011

As promised - March finish #2

I know you probably think I'm stretching it a bit to call one block a completed project. This one was pretty easy (apart from me not measuring correctly once or twice) but these have been significantly more challenging than I was expecting. Don't get me wrong. I'm happy so far with the results, but they've taken some problem solving skills I'm a bit rusty on. So I'd like to present the March block of the month. You saw the January star. Hopefully you'll be seeing February in the next few days. And I'm sewing the binding on the pinwheel quilt so I'm very nearly done with that one too. HOORAH!!! Particularly since I know of five more babies due this year and my brain has already promised each one of them a quilt.

And, hello? Please notice that I've finished my two required March projects in the first week. Woot. Now to go back and finish the three (one January and two February) things that are sitting. . .


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