08 March 2011

Tearin' it up, people! - February finish #1

Ok. Ignore the fact that this was one I was supposed to finish in February. I actually had it all done in the proper month except hand stitching the binding. I LOVE the front of this quilt. Wish I could be as enthusiastic about the back. I had some major fabric shifting going on. In fact, it upset me so much that it was the main reason I let this sit for a week before I finished the binding. But it's not so bad, and little things like that just let the handmade show through, right???

But you know what I'm happiest about? Spring is happening!!
Truly happy.

And I have my knitting group tonight and a quilting group on Thursday so I'm not sure if I'll be back at my machine until the weekend but maybe I can be back on track with all of this year's projects? Maybe??



  1. Phoebe- it looks great from here and I'm sure it looks great close up too. I hope you are bringing it on Thursday. Need a ride?

  2. I will bring it on Thursday - as long as you promise not to laugh or tsk tsk. . . Carpooling would be fun! What time are you going?