08 February 2010

Finished project #3

Woohoo! Zipping right along. I actually finished this last week but didn't feel like it could be checked off the list until it had been blocked and was hanging in my window. It isn't like it provides much screening from the world seeing in but my sad little window was sort of naked and bleak before. The previous owners had those cheap $4 blinds in the window which to me are more depressing than having nothing at all. Since I enjoy looking out of my window when I'm sitting at my desk, I knew that I'd never put the blinds down ever so off they went immediately. I've had this sweet little curtain on my to-do list for several years. It is from a pattern in my first ever knitting book. (Love you Kay & Ann!) I started it probably two years ago and abandoned it for some unknown reason. It didn't come out exactly like the book but I'm not terribly concerned. It's fulfilling its primary function, to pretty up my office a bit and make me happy. (And did you notice the "Knitta Please" postcard?? That makes me happy too. Thanks Karin!)

When I picked the curtain back up several weeks ago, it was meant for my kitchen window. Same issues there with crappy blinds and a window that would never be blocked, no matter how dismal the view of the above ground pool in our neighbours' backyard. . . While I was knitting away happily, I found this fab old stained glass window in an antique store. I've wanted one like it for years and HAD TO HAVE IT. The colours were absolutely perfect for my house. The call of it kept pulsing in my brain until I had to go back for it. So two ugly bare windows down. Hurrah!
Happy Monday!

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