27 February 2010

Finished projects #5 & #6

This one is actually finished project 6, fresh off the scroll frame today. I know that the wedding is still months away but I'm awfully excited and have plans for this little baby. I love it. It's exactly as sweet as I wanted it to be. And the little dots all over are white with a tiny bit of sapphire blue in the middle. The original had some washed out dots but I thought these were perfect because we have a plan to make my wedding ring out of his grandmother's diamond and my grandmother's sapphires. (I'm such a sappy one.)

And the finished project below was completed a bit ago. The Charleston Museum (oldest in the country) had a workshop last month where we were given a private tour of the crazy quilts on exhibit with the textiles curator and then we all loaded up in our cars and drove across town to Blue Heron Glass shop and learned how to make our own crazy quilts out of glass. (My English teachers are cringing over that run-on sentence. . .) I really like the way this one turned out. Crazy quilts aren't quite my thing because I like a bit of structure but it was lots of fun to make. Being a vain Leo, I squeezed in my initial and a not-too-literal heart. And those little creamy dots up in the right hand corner were supposed to look like little pearls. (Yeah, I know. I'm obsessed with this whole wedding thing. I tried to resist but what bride isn't??) Anyway, the class was so much fun that I'm taking another fused glass bowl class in a few weeks. And I've signed up for a calligraphy workshop at the museum. I'm going to be a busy little nerdy girl.



  1. If you could only imagine how much I love you and how proud you make me when I read your sweet words, I love you my baby darling, your ever so thankful you were born....Mother

    so many smooches to you from me.

  2. Phoebe - it great talking with you and Karin (with an i!) at the quilt show today. I really enjoyed seeing photos of your projects. Hope to see you at guild meetings.